Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back to the simple? or a complex veil

I somehow feel like environmentalism isn't as simple as "don't ever fly". Its a good personal rule, but does it really hold in the reality of modern society.

As long as there is fuel to fly people will be out there using it.

I think, it shouldn't be then to advise acseticism to hope for people to make better choices. If they are going to travel, perhaps they should some environmentally conscious trip, rather than the destructive cruise. Or volunteering to help other countries. I can think of countless examples of situations where people fly, need to fly and experience the place.

I think justifying making choices in regard to the environment isn't enough. People don't understand their own fragility: "frogs" and the boiling pot they are in. (insert metaphor)

Living in harmony with nature has inherent benefits. Those are the things that will allow for people to move towards sustainable choices.

I suppose its difficult to describe the tangible relationships that start to develop when you travel to nearby. When a family vacation is in the next city or the forest over the hill. Maybe when we are able to appreciate the uniqueness of place, then we will start to see that flying is likely completely impossible to sustain without using up every resource.