Thursday, November 20, 2008

A thought derived from my writing.

An exploration of primordial passions,
“We are all akin to the physical phenomenon know as lava- our metaphorical selves brighten and alight from our base, the rest of our lives we find running in the tracks of paths and depressions already left before us. The struggle is in directing ones flow in a new direction"

Monday, November 10, 2008

Long Lake

This is a trip Karolina and I went on. We rode out bikes out along the highway and about 45-60 minutes later we got here! It was quite nice.... as you can see :)

Life in Halifax

These are some photographs of my life, since september.
My kitchen

The metal shop at NSCAD, where I have made a steel shelf. Painted it black!

Here is a really cool tallship in the harbour. This is looking out the window in the port campus.

Here are some herbs, parsley and bay tree.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Life attending Nscad university

I live in an apartment that is north of the picture of building in the far left. That brownish coloured place is the Granville Campus where I will be spending most of my degree.

The red brick building is the alliance atlantic film building.

The black building one on the right is called the port campus. On the waterfront of halifax, near the seaport where cruiseships arrive, but is also close to farmers market, and the boardwalk.

Soon the farmers market should be moving next to it! I hope this happens, i will go there often.

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I live on maynard st, which you can see is in the top left corner. In the bottom right is the port, and on duke st is the granville campus.

Most of my time is spent...

making meals/bread! ( a great pleasure of mine)
-fish with vegetables
-squash soup
-goat cheese on spelt bread
-homemade oatmeal granola
-chicken, apples and onions sauteed with rice

Working at the school
-Do homework!! (this is lots of time)
-computer lab
-library, finding books
-working in the metal shop ( i made a steel shelf!)
-going to writing for the arts, paint print, wood shop or computer class

On my Spare time
- I read books in my apartment while sipping tea such as authors like michael pollen, thoughtful journalistic narratives/memoirs. I also have some other self sufficiency, cookbooks and a few good novels like Knut Hamsen's "Growth of the Soil"
-i buy books (i have too many!!)
-I go shopping for groceries (I digress: also do too much ^_^)
- I go skateboarding
-I attend dance parties once in a while- this i enjoy very much.
-ride my bicycle everywhere! (such as the night i attended critical mass, a bike parade)

I hope this gives you an idea of my living life.

-takk fyrir, for reading.