Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Buns, originally uploaded by johnwasteneys.

These are buns I baked on sunday. I think they turned out great!


Spoon, originally uploaded by johnwasteneys.

I carved this spoon out in british columbia. I bought some gouges and a knife and sandpaper and have recently used a beeswax finish on it.

The wood is from the property surrounding strathcona park lodge. I worked there as a cook, its actually where I learned to make naan. Oh that naan, blissful wheat bread. Muah.

The wood is maple, I am not sure specifically. Its quite hard though. If you scratch it, its hard to sand off.

Its pretty sweet, i'm glad I can make spoons.


Karolina, originally uploaded by johnwasteneys.

Here is karolina, my beloved girlfriend brushing her teeth. ... In my new room, er coloured newly.