Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bread making

I am now able to make bread quite well. The egg braid loaf, although overrisen has a nice crumb. A variety of size of holes (i hear this is a sign of good), and a flavourful crust.

The actual bread was made with butter honey and milk and egg. Then white wheat, sea salt and dry yeast.

The organic honey used is from wildflowers and bees in alberta. So not exactly local but the best honey i've ever tasted. Its creamy and sweet but not sugary.

Here are spelt cranberry muffins. The cranberries were from this sustainable farm, that supplies organic frozen berries to my supermarket. I like the brown packaging and colourful illustrations of berries.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ah, life goes on

Here is a stew I made tonight. Stewing Beef, onion, garlic, scallion, parsley, red pepper, asparagus, white cabbage, cauliflower, port wine, and vegetable stock.

1 Brown meat garlic and parsley, medium or lower in butter and oil.
2 remove meat
3 Add veg, Brown or sufficiently cook the vegetables in a cast iron pot (dutch oven) at least 5-7 minutes on med heat. Use a little more oil and a bit of water, this is my asian touch it steams the vegetables and you can use less oil.

4 Add meat and stock and wine. This should cover the food. So if using a cube you might need to add more water than required just for the stock.

Make sure there is good heat, could be boiling. Make sure stock is dissolved and the onions/bits of vegetables are scraped down and inside the liquid.

5 Simmer for 60 minutes with lid on. What you don't want to do is boil it too long. So, don't put on lid until its 'simmering'.

6 Add potato starch... about 30 milliliters (2 tbsp) disolved in same amount of water. mix around and make it like a thick gravy.

I served on a bed of short grain rice. Something like a salad would have been good as an appetizer. Next time i guess.

Here is my mothers kitchen, she got the little island cart thing in the middle of the room from ikea. Good for storing pots, need to put something on the top surface to protect the wood though.. hopefully i can use it soon for preping veg.

Apparently my father came up with the plans for the kitchen. Its not horrible, there is lots of space but its quite the inefficient style. You have to walk 5 feet to get from the fridge to the stove. and there is no space that is dedicated to preparation, so when making pies you get kind of short on room to roll it out.

The light that comes into my brothers room is beautiful...