Sunday, October 14, 2007

Halifax trip

This was a informative trip. Enjoyable in parts, scary and confusing in others.

We stayed in a backpackers hostel. So far my experience in hostels has been good, but this was not. There was a rather large man snoring the whole night, and various other disturbances including sleeping on a bed with springs that stuck in my back.

My friend Karolina and I ended up staying at a very nice place called the Commons Inn. On West and agricola.

Here is mostly some nice impressions of an area west of the university that might be an acceptable place to live. Although i suspect i'll move to the south end.

As far away from the north as possible. A man walked by us asking if we sold cigarettes. Karolina said no and I tried to continue the conversation we were having.

I moved my bag subconsciously. Afraid he might steal it, but also moving it out of his way- a courteous act. He said to me "I'm not going to steal your bag, if i were to do something. I'd stab you and take your wallet"

it was the most riveting, fear inducing feeling i have experienced in a long time. It almost had me convinced that halifax was a dangerous place. Which apparently, it is. Some people say the city suffers from crime. It seems gottingen is the main street which this problem centres around. Maybe its the 5$/h min wage?!

-bloody politicians, governments and ridiculousness our society seems to encourage.

(enjoy the photos)