Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bread making

I am now able to make bread quite well. The egg braid loaf, although overrisen has a nice crumb. A variety of size of holes (i hear this is a sign of good), and a flavourful crust.

The actual bread was made with butter honey and milk and egg. Then white wheat, sea salt and dry yeast.

The organic honey used is from wildflowers and bees in alberta. So not exactly local but the best honey i've ever tasted. Its creamy and sweet but not sugary.

Here are spelt cranberry muffins. The cranberries were from this sustainable farm, that supplies organic frozen berries to my supermarket. I like the brown packaging and colourful illustrations of berries.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ah, life goes on

Here is a stew I made tonight. Stewing Beef, onion, garlic, scallion, parsley, red pepper, asparagus, white cabbage, cauliflower, port wine, and vegetable stock.

1 Brown meat garlic and parsley, medium or lower in butter and oil.
2 remove meat
3 Add veg, Brown or sufficiently cook the vegetables in a cast iron pot (dutch oven) at least 5-7 minutes on med heat. Use a little more oil and a bit of water, this is my asian touch it steams the vegetables and you can use less oil.

4 Add meat and stock and wine. This should cover the food. So if using a cube you might need to add more water than required just for the stock.

Make sure there is good heat, could be boiling. Make sure stock is dissolved and the onions/bits of vegetables are scraped down and inside the liquid.

5 Simmer for 60 minutes with lid on. What you don't want to do is boil it too long. So, don't put on lid until its 'simmering'.

6 Add potato starch... about 30 milliliters (2 tbsp) disolved in same amount of water. mix around and make it like a thick gravy.

I served on a bed of short grain rice. Something like a salad would have been good as an appetizer. Next time i guess.

Here is my mothers kitchen, she got the little island cart thing in the middle of the room from ikea. Good for storing pots, need to put something on the top surface to protect the wood though.. hopefully i can use it soon for preping veg.

Apparently my father came up with the plans for the kitchen. Its not horrible, there is lots of space but its quite the inefficient style. You have to walk 5 feet to get from the fridge to the stove. and there is no space that is dedicated to preparation, so when making pies you get kind of short on room to roll it out.

The light that comes into my brothers room is beautiful...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Halifax trip

This was a informative trip. Enjoyable in parts, scary and confusing in others.

We stayed in a backpackers hostel. So far my experience in hostels has been good, but this was not. There was a rather large man snoring the whole night, and various other disturbances including sleeping on a bed with springs that stuck in my back.

My friend Karolina and I ended up staying at a very nice place called the Commons Inn. On West and agricola.

Here is mostly some nice impressions of an area west of the university that might be an acceptable place to live. Although i suspect i'll move to the south end.

As far away from the north as possible. A man walked by us asking if we sold cigarettes. Karolina said no and I tried to continue the conversation we were having.

I moved my bag subconsciously. Afraid he might steal it, but also moving it out of his way- a courteous act. He said to me "I'm not going to steal your bag, if i were to do something. I'd stab you and take your wallet"

it was the most riveting, fear inducing feeling i have experienced in a long time. It almost had me convinced that halifax was a dangerous place. Which apparently, it is. Some people say the city suffers from crime. It seems gottingen is the main street which this problem centres around. Maybe its the 5$/h min wage?!

-bloody politicians, governments and ridiculousness our society seems to encourage.

(enjoy the photos)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Bedwell lake and onward

here are some photographs on a two day hike/adventure which we camped at baby bedwell lake, and then on to cream lake.

I'll try to add a photograph of it but for now here are three photos that i was able to upload.

Monday, July 9, 2007

june 27, 2007

I think that i've started food prep is a good thing.

I'v made miso soup, chef's salad, a japanese style salad, and more.
june 23, 2007

Motivation: the future

job: food prep

Environment: rainy, cold, but nice and powerfully scenic

gifts/purchases: some girl gave me some tacks, uncle hardolph gave me a swiss army knife, handmade wool hat, watch.

accomplishments: cutting hair, breakdanced at talent show, helped uncle move lots of wood.
june 17, 2007

I read today in a book called "the world's best food for health and long life"

-food mill
-bouillabaisse (fish soup)
-pecorino cheese

Mental state: tired but happy
June 16, 2007

Today, I got a virus. I went to eat lunch and Lindsay helped me out by making some food for me, apple sauce and banana.

Jeff told me to go to Kegimkujik park in nova scotia, island national park was also supposebly good.
June 7, 2007

Today I walked up deer trail to the upper lookout. It was fun.
June 5, 2007

Nothing to report really, got a rain jacket with a hood (supposebly hardolph thought I needed something more substancial) had a nice time with jamie in Campbell River, the town that i bought the coat in. I need to take my vitamins- i am grumpy.
June 4, 2007

Today, I really felt like I did well. The other kitchen staff played some music, perhaps it was ry cooder. (dancey stuff) Jesse, elizabeth and taryn were all good to be around. 11-730 is an interestin g shift. IT doesnt give me muche time but its goo fun. I'll have to make a note to write down my schedule. I keep forgetting when I have my shift. I was late on my second day. I was suppose to be ther at 830. I now have an alarm clock and only work that shift (630-230) once on a friday.

Chili Powder

June 3, 2007

Recipe for chili powder:

chili peppers

-I went for a hike today near avalanche lake. We hiked for about 4 or 5 hours. I was able to find myself placing my steps artfully. We walked past a campsite, I did some interesting jumps before this. The trail was quite hilly we crossed many areas where streams had turned into rivers or the water had run off and moved gravel and rocks. There were sections where we had to balance on rocks or logs to cross the moved water. We brought cookies and oranges as snacks. Eventually, we reached a part with snow, it looked like a river had frozen but I was informed it was an avalanche because the snow was sp bumpy. Uncle Hardolph told me to follow his footprints, because if I fell, I would slide down into the stream below.

After the snow we wandered through the dense forest with fallen trees, moss covered boulders, and linger calls of an unknown bird. After climbing up a very steep slope, observed a mountain with water trickling down its surface. Losing track of what was the path and what was not determined the finiteness of our destination. We reached a small but overwhelming falls, not much force in the water but its diameter in the spray, the closeness of it. The noise.

We walked across a rather dangerously wet tree that had fallen over the results of the falling water. sat on it, dank and ate some oranges and then headed back. The return was quicker because there was more downhill./ i had good conversations with my cousin, freya. We ended up at home eating leftover sausages, sauce and rice.

After food my Uncle hardolph told his favourite "john story":

"we were up at the island and john wanted to get us all a treat (I was like 5 years old). So John was getting this coke or something in westport. (town near the island) and looking at this pop machine and I kind of thought this was a waste of his money. I started explaining the unit per volume cost of buying bulk which was more economically sensible. So, we were walking along and then we were right in front of the bulk cases of coke. So, I thought I had proved my point and John had agreed it was the right decision.. Then I turned around and saw John suddenly outside the store pumping his quarters and loonies as fast as he could into this pop machine."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Today, I arrived at strathcona park lodge. I met my supervisor and a few of the other staff.

On my trip here (which was first a ferry, then a bus) I met some women from Taiwan, they explained it was on an island with lots of fruits, too many vegetables to accurately specify and nice warm weather. They came to visit a place called Courtenay. They gave me a sweet medicinal that I first thought was ginger. They also gave me lemon gum. I met a girl who was also traveling there, she seemed nice.

When I arrived I saw Kyber (uncle hardolph's dog), and the garden, jamie show2ed me the climbing ropes after I ate food in the dinning hall.

-I sleep in jamie's bed for tonight- up at 5- ready for work.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Food has a direct impact on my life

I love food.

It brings me joy, it is interesting.. and can be and generally is: healthy.

Over the last year, and using the information gathered from sources (mainly my life experience) I have discovered that I neither need seritonin drugs (even the natural 5-htp kind, which is better for those of you who take srr1 -ie, the corporate brands)

I believe now that through some vigorous grasp, I can become happy.

My energy comes from food. No, my energy comes from cuisine!

-bless bless

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Here is a snake in the garden, with some flowers coming up...

The backyard is yet to become the jungle that it is with the flowers and leaves, postings of that phenomenon - later.

Friday, April 27, 2007


This is a svalbard beet soup I made tonight, its from a Scandinavian website.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This is my life.

I post images and thoughts related to my life, more specifically those that have a quality that is memorable.

A vinaterta is a icelandic torte/cake that my grandmother would make for me. My mother taught me how to make it and it remains a family tradition at christmas time.

-I hope it inspires you, in a way..